Is the proposed activity, or all of the proposed activities, exempt?

Exempt activities are:
  • the development of one or two dwellings (r.9)
  • the development of three or more dwellings on, or the subdivision of, a lot or allotment if it is:
    • less than 0.11 hectares in size; and
    • not within 200 metres of the coast or the Murray River (r. 10 and r. 11)
  • Buildings and works ancillary to a dwelling (r.12)
  • Services to a dwelling (r.13)
  • Alteration of buildings (r.14)
  • Minor works (r.15)
  • Demolition (r.16)
  • Consolidation of land (r.17)
  • Subdivision of existing building (r.18)
  • Amendments to a statutory authorisation (r.19)
  • Jetties associated with one dwelling (r.20)
  • Development of the Sea-bed (r.21)
  • Emergency works (r.22)

Note: Detailed descriptions of these activities can be found in the Aboriginal Heritage Regulations 2018 (Victorian Law Today - statutory rules),
and many of these activities are defined in the Victorian Planning Provisions.

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